Jenna Dewan Tatum Plastic Surgery Before & After

Jenna Dewan Breast Implants

Jenna Dewan began her career as a back-up dancer for many famous musicians, like Pink, Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot.  She has starred in several movies and television shows; however her dancing and acting skills have not won her the critical acclaim that many starlets her age expect.  Her most recognizable bid to fame is her marriage to heart-throb Channing Tatum.  As arm candy for one of the world’s sexiest women and, at one time, considered to be an extremely eligible bachelor, Jenna must maintain stunningly attractive features and is expected to be beautiful at all times.

Though Jenna is more than her good looks, she is an active member of several political and animal rights organizations; she has still worked to improve on her already nearly flawless appearance.  Jenna is young to feel the need to undergo plastic surgery, she is only in her thirties, however in Hollywood, and no one is immune to the pressures to look good.  Comparing photographs of Jenna, it is apparent that there have been some minor changes to her face that could be caused by cosmetic surgery.  She also displays a much larger bust size than earlier photographs seem to indicate.

Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery Before After

When reviewed by cosmetic surgeons, there are feelings that she has likely used rhinoplasty, or a nose job, to improve the shape of her nose.  Earlier pictures show a gently rounded nose and recent photographs indicate a clear upturned tip that is often more popular with celebrities.  It is doubtful that her change in cleavage is due to natural processes and it is generally agreed that she has used breast augmentation to change her appearance.  Some physicians feel she is using tightening procedures on her neckline.  Jenna has not commented on these rumors; however the evidence is fairly solid when reviewing her photographs.

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