Jessica Biel Nose Job Before and After Photos

Jessica Biel plastic surgery

Jessica Biel nose job has successfully changed the shape of her nose and generally changed the facial look of this beautiful celebrity. This woman who has married to Justin Timberlake is believed to go under the knife to repair the shape of her nose. The rumors come to spread to the public as Jessica Biel before and after nose job photos showed a distinct nose shape. Jessica Biel used to have a bulbous nose tip and the bridge is pretty wide. However, the current photo showed a sculpted nose with thinner tip and narrower bridge. Did she really get her nose done?

The rumors of Jessica Biel nose job get hotter as she denies her nose job. When asked about her plastic surgery, Jessica Biel admitted that all those plastic surgery stuffs freaked her out. She did not want to go under the knife. Moreover, she preferred to have some wrinkles on her face than undergoing plastic surgery. Can you believe it? Unfortunately, the photos told the different fact. Her nose looks nice now and there is another different part of her face. Yes, it is none other than her lips. Besides having a nose job, Jessica Biel has also undergone lip injections.

Jessica Biel Nose Job

In some photos we can see that her lips look more voluptuous. The significant changes of her lips lead people to claim that Jessica Biel has undergone lip injections. She wanted to add the volume of her lips. Unfortunately, it went wrong as her current lips look unnatural. We can see that the lips are over injected. Even though she admitted that she did not interested in any plastic surgery, the things have done. What is your opinion about the Jessica Biel nose job? Does she look better after having a nose job? Please feel free to share your thought….

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