Jillian Harris Nose Job Before and After

As with many reality TV stars today, Jillian Harris has had her share of controversy over the years. The most talked-about rumor about one of America’s favorite ladies from The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is her nose job, which Harris herself confirmed. It is not at all uncommon for reality TV stars to opt for cosmetic enhancements in order to make themselves more marketable. Viewers these days are more discerning, if not demanding in terms of how they want TV personalities to look on and off camera. Those who give in to the relentless pressure from the media as well as the industry itself usually undergo not just one, but several procedures in an attempt to be at par with the strict standards of beauty imposed on them.

Jillian Harris Nose Job

Jillian Harris Nose Job Before & After

Apart from the rumors on Jillian Harris nose job (which she claims she got due to breaking her nose a few years back), she also supposedly had breast implants in order to look the part of a bombshell. In a number of candid interviews for magazines, she declared to not feel obligated to disclose every aspect of her life. However, she did admit to getting plastic surgery and that she is not opposed to getting more procedures done upon reaching 40. Harris also mentioned that she feels her first rhinoplasty did not go as well as she had hoped so she might get corrective surgery to rectify it. Despite this, she mentioned her desire to get her old nose back (before the alleged accident that made her decide to get a nose job in the first place), but her surgeon definitively said it would be impossible.

Her recent photos show that her nose underwent a bit of tapering, which made it look a lot smaller and less prominent (especially the bridge).

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