Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Does a celebrity stylist need to go under the knife? Well, if your answer is no, brace yourselves for the Rachel Zoe plastic surgery episode.

After working in the fashion industry for about two decades, Rachel Zoe has established herself as a renowned stylist, editor and designer. She has worked with celebrities, magazines, advertising agencies and what not. She is surrounded by glamorous people all the time. Maybe all the glamor and beauty around her has led to the 42 year old opt go under the knife. The designer has been accused of multiples plastic surgeries order to look younger.

Rachel Zoe plastic surgery

Botox Injections

Age takes toll on everyone’s body. Eventually, it makes us feel mortal and how fragile physical beauty can be. Even without any formal fashion training Rachel boasted her own unique recognizable style.

But the style icon was also not spared by age. Oh! The notorious Skin Problems. As she grew closer to 40 years of age, deep premature wrinkles, lines and other signs of ageing starting appearing on her face. But she didn’t go the natural way to age gracefully. Rachel has supposedly gone for Botox to counter these ageing signs.

Rachel Zoe before and after plastic surgery photos reveal that her forehead is wrinkle free and the deep lines she once had, have suddenly disappeared. Surgeons have embraced Rachel’s decisions of going for Botox, as all the early ageing signs from her face, have now disappeared. Her skin appears youthful and tight, which corroborates the Botox suspicions.

Eyelid Lift and Brow Lift

Rachel Zoe’s sagging jowls are now lifted. The bags under her eye are also removed. As you have a look at Rachel Zoe before and after plastic surgery photos, her eyes now have taken an almond shape. The wide open eyes, boasting a fresh look indicate an upper and lower eye lift.

Other allegations

Some expert pundits have suggested that Rachel Zoe has also gone for mini-facelifts and some filler like Perlane or Juvederm in her smile-line. Laser resurfacing is also suspected. These surgeries have been performed judicially so that Rachel Zoe’s appearance changes are not very prominent and plastic.

The best thing about Rachel Zoe’s Plastic Surgery is that it still looks natural. Some ageing signs have been leftover in order to give Rachel Zoe a natural feel. Without the overdoing of plastic surgery, Rachel Zoe has combated her ageing well. It has been estimated that Rachel Zoe spent a whooping $30,000 on her cosmetic surgery.

Rachel published her second book, “Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour” very recently in March, 2014. She is a super busy woman with, many notable collaborations, her daily newspaper – The Zoe Report and her own clothing line. The only question that pops up is – Why would an influential individual like Rachel Zoe (so passionate about fashion and beauty) go for a plastic surgery? Has Rachel developed physical insecurities like models and Hollywood Celebrities?

Rachel Zoe plastic surgery appears to be successful. What do you think of Rachel Zoe’s look now? Do let us know in the comments box.

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