Did Carol Vorderman Have Plastic Surgery?

Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery Before & After

For someone who is 53, Carol Vorderman looks like someone who drinks a cup full from the Fountain of Youth every single day. The former Countdown star has been under scrutiny over the last couple of years after her looks started improving ridiculously. She looks great! For people who have seen her over the last 28 years, the thought that Volderman had plastic surgery isn’t that farfetched. It doesn’t help that there are a few pictures on the internet of her bandaged up after what seems to be like a botox injection, facelift and a nose job as well.

The mother of two has stirred up a lot of talk and become a controversial topic among middle aged women who have their share of catty things to say about her. Which begs the question; how much is too much? Is there an age limit for looking good and if there is what is it? Why there are so many societal biases towards people who tend to look the other way and look for ways to stand out instead of fit in?

While it may be true that Carol Vorderman has gone under the knife (since the indications point to that fact) there is a widespread trend in society to make fun of people who try to live outside society’s expectations. Ageing people have a right to feel just as beautiful as everyone else. The funniest thing is that should she have chosen to embrace her ageing looks, she would still have wound up in tabloids bearing a “washed up” label. There would probably be a few different jokes about how different she looks now compared to a few years back.

Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery

For Carol Vorderman, plastic surgery was probably the only way she could stay away from being the next internet joke. Being a media personality and having to show up on live television every week doesn’t help either. You are constantly under a microscope. There’s bound to be people who will notice a drastic change such as the one we see from her. It probably helps her ego a bit, however, to know that even if people are talking about her, they are doing so in praise and awe of her new found youth. Hey, being voted the rear of the year at 51 beats getting the washed up label anytime. I’m sure not many people would blame her. Either way, she looks good for someone who just turned half a century old. Keep doing your thing Carol and let the critics go hang!

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