Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery Before and After

Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery seems to have slightly overshadowed the popularity of the Crocodile Dundee actress. Looking at her current photos, critics claim that she no longer looks her old self. Despite the natural effects that come with age, there seems to be something that she underwent which makes her a little bit strange not only in the sight of her fans but the general public as well. If it is cosmetic procedures that she underwent, it seems like it was overdone.

Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery

The 54 year old star met Paul Hogan (the husband) while in the production of the film Crocodile Dundee. Thereafter, professional success seems to have departed Linda Kozlowski. Despite this, she looks very Hollywood than many other actresses who have had a series of success in film making. This aspect has made people around her including her fans and critics to closely look into her lifestyle and just everything about her. The findings are obvious; a plastic surgery incident that transformed her looks into some kind of strange and unnatural figure. Her days as a pretty face are completely erased.

What are the possible options in Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery?

Well, there are a number of possibilities that the celebrity could have undergone. Looking at her before and after photos, several components stand out as having been altered.


This is the first distinct procedure that you would obviously notice by looking at her. Her previous nasal structure looked a bit unfitting to her face though very natural. Currently, her nose looks narrow and somewhat refined. There is of course no process that can achieve that other than Rhinoplasty.

Linda Kozlowski rhinoplasty

Linda Kozlowski Nose Job


Looking at her eyelids and the brows, you will notice that they are slightly raised. If you have an opportunity of studying her previous appearances and photos, you will notice that they are no longer at the same level they were back them. Something seems to have changed. This is the result of eyelid lift and brow lift.

Botox Treatment

This has become like a signature procedure for most celebrities. Everyone wants to look full and smooth. Back to Linda, it is easy for you to notice the use of dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. Her cheeks look fleshy and full of life while her lips are fuller than they were previously. Her forehead also seems to have benefited from this procedure; the absence of wrinkles is obvious.

Experts Opinion

Cosmetic surgery professionals agree to the fact that Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery has not been much of a success. From the way her looks have been altered, it does not seem like her anymore. She is different and plastic in appearance.

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