Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lara Spencer plastic surgery is just one case among celebrity plastic surgery that is widespread at present. Plastic surgery is regarded as effective to change your look quickly. Celebrities are tempted to get surgery since for them, appearance is an essential thing. Plastic surgery includes collagen injection, breast implant, liposuction, etc. Therefore, plastic surgery undergone by celebrities is not a big problem. An American celebrity, Lara Spencer has been reported that she has had surgery.

Lara Spencer plastic surgery

Plastic surgery undergone by Lara Spencer could be lifestyle for celebrities. The public still wonders the fact defining whether she had done plastic surgery or not. Lara Spencer remains fresh as young as she was whereas she has been 40s. There are many photos that indicate change of her look. Of course people suppose that she did medical treatment so she remains young and fresh. It is possible if she got a Botox injection thus her face looks so soft and shiny.

Present photos of Lara Spencer indicating difference between her photos in the past shows weak evidence of surgery she did. An impressive look of Lara Spencer in 44 years old is surely supported with extreme way such as cosmetic surgery. She also had used liposuction and fillers to make her face seems charming and young. On the other photos, she looks natural with wrinkle under the eyes and cheek because she is getting older.

So far, Lara Spencer’s photos from present and past cannot be used as evidence to judge her getting surgery. On photos we cannot find a significant change of her look. However, surprising appearance of Lara Spencer that keeps looking young and fresh cause’s people accuse her getting plastic surgery. Then, she insists that she routinely has good exercise and healthy foods to make her looks beautiful naturally. Thus, plastic surgery done by Lara Spencer is probably a rumor.


  1. Lisa - May 12, 2015, 6:05 am Reply

    Who writes these articles? Where is the correct usage of grammar? No offense but it sounds like it is written by a foreigner, Asian.

  2. harlee jaye - May 27, 2015, 1:37 pm Reply

    Lara Spencer needs a NEW hair style! It’s so out dated! Does she not have a ‘stylist’ who dresses her on GMA? She is a great personality but her hair looks like shaggy Golden Retriever. I know she’s had that SAME doo for 20 yrs!

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