Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery – A Story of Regret

Marina Sirtis is among the most beautiful women that ever graced the silver screen. Her Stark Trek career may have paved the way for her amazing Hollywood journey, but it was her natural beauty that captivated fans all over the world. Marina Sirtis plastic surgery rumors were put to rest by Miss Sirtis herself when she admitted to having her breasts done.

Marina Sirtis Breast Implants

Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery Before & After

According to the veteran actress, she decided to undergo breast enhancement and lift surgery after realizing that she was past the point of being immune to the effects of gravity. Her breasts were a particularly significant concern especially with all the young and perky actresses in the industry who are dying to replace her as one of the veritable sex symbols of this century.

Marina Sirtis Boob Job

Marina Sirtis Boob Job Before & After

As it turns out, breast implants caused more harm than good because she now feels very awkward and unbalanced. The results of the procedure were less than desirable, and there was little to be done to rectify the situation. This experience has made her aware of just how much self appreciation matters, especially to Hollywood actors and actresses who make a living by looking good in front of the camera and when out in public. Sirtis made it clear that she did not have any work done on her face, and have no plans to change her mind in the future.

Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery

Her advice to young actresses is to weigh the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery before doing anything since the results might not be as great as they expect. Sirtis has since spoken publicly about her experience and vowed to never undergo any type of cosmetic procedure again. Instead, she decided to opt for aging gracefully and accepting the limits of the human body as it advances in years.


  1. justa girl - April 4, 2016, 3:05 pm Reply

    How very very sad it is to me, the obsession with large breasts! They really do NOT look good… looks like some cartoonish freak. We are not cows! We don’t need udders! My gosh, I feel sad for women whose minds are hurt by the stupid society’s obsession! so sad

  2. nytehawk - August 16, 2016, 5:33 pm Reply

    Too bad most of these actresses are obsessed with their physical appearence while posioning the inside of their body by smoking cigarettes like Sirtis does.

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