Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Nigella Lawson is known for her presence as a chef on her many television shows and her friendly, warm persona, but many are starting to suspect that she’s changed more than just television shows and her husband. Nigella Lawson wasn’t always a television personality. Before she did her famous cooking shows, she’s been a food and book critic, freelance writer, and bestselling auth... »

Beverly D’Angelo Plastic Surgery Before & After

Beverly D’Angelo or very known as Ellen Griswold in the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise always looks stunning since her debut before rising to fame. It cannot be denied that she always looks amazing, even at her age 62 years old. Although many fans believe that her beauty is natural, but some celebrity gossip websites and celebrity watchers claimed that she has undergone some pla... »

Eminem Plastic Surgery Before & After

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly known as Eminem, is a music icon celebrated by many in the hip hop category. The reigning Artist of the Year champ of the first YouTube Music Awards, Eminem has in recent years received a plethora of accolades under his name. His love for rap music is reflected in his success both as a rapper and a songwriter. »

Gillian Anderson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Most famous for her role as Agent Dana Scully on the hit Fox series The X-Files, Gillian Anderson may be one of the only actresses in Hollywood who is “growing old gracefully.” Voted one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1997, Anderson still looks beautiful and youthful at 45 years of age. Rumors of plastic surgery have surrounded Anderson within the p... »

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Before & After

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery rumor that was spreading wildly is finally solved. She is an American actress, who is well known for the sequel film, Seinfeld. She was born in New York on January 13, 1961. Although she is not young anymore, she looks younger than her actual age. Therefore, many people think that she might have plastic surgery. The rumor started when she becomes a model in Shap... »

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Disaster Before & After

Melanie Griffith is just one of hundreds of Hollywood celebrities who went under the knife to improve their physical appearance. We know that some of those celebrities are successful in improving their beauty by doing plastic surgery. Some of them unfortunately ruin their face due to the cosmetic procedures. Melanie Griffith plastic surgery might be the example of the unsuccessful surgery done by ... »

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before & After

Paula White plastic surgery scandal is just a small part of a rather interesting saga that began with accusations of theft and embezzlement. This very popular televangelist and life coach is the former wife of Randy White, who is also a ministry leader. Bishop White reportedly accused his wife of stealing 2 million dollars worth of equipment to support her shopping and plastic surgery addiction. »

John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery Tragedy – How Much is Too Much?

It is a well-known and widely accepted fact that rock stars are worshiped not only for their musical talent, but also for their looks. This is perhaps what John Rzeznik was thinking when he started getting cosmetic procedures, not the least of which is a lackluster rhinoplasty and what looks like a dozen or so Botox injection. Many have referred to this Goo Goo Dolls front man’s foray to the... »

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