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SNSD Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

It makes sense if SNSD plastic surgery is true. Not only in America but also in Korea, plastic surgery is overwhelming. Many people, especially women in Korea often do surgery. They don’t care of hurt feeling as you get surgery. They just believe that it is an effective and fastest way to change a common look into an interesting one. Korea is regarded as a country that offers a great result of sur... »

Ally Walker Plastic Surgery – Nailed it or Failed It?

Mostly known for her portrayal of Agent June Stahl on the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy, Ally Walker is a more or less successful actress who somewhat faded into the Hollywood backdrop in recent years. As with many actresses her age, Ally Walker made the decision to get the cosmetic enhancements in order to look younger and perhaps land more roles on TV or the movies. However, many are saying that... »