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Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Aniston seems tired to hide the fact that she had undergone plastic surgery as she finally confirmed the buzz of her surgery. That is what many people are waiting for. On the Conan O’Brien show, Aniston revealed the truth that she had taken numbers of cosmetic surgeries to improve her beauty. Considering that this long Aniston insisted on denying the rumors, she might be sick to hide them... »

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After

Melissa Gilbert is no stranger to plastic surgery; you may already know that she has ever been rumored to have some plastic surgery procedures in the past. They are including a boob job (breast implants), nose job (rhinoplasty) and cheek implants or fat grafting as well. And, the new rumor said that she has also had a lip injection and Botox or injectable filler such as Restylane and Juvederm. »

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery Before & After

Spanish model and actress Elsa Pataky is better known these days as Chris Hemsworth’s better half, but she definitely made her mark in the industry in her own right. She is a remarkable lady who also has a lovely face. Recently, however, she has been plagued with intrigues about her supposed nose job. As it happens, the Elsa Pataky plastic surgery rumors are true, if her recent photos are an... »

Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before & After

It is undeniable that Angelina Jolie is the hottest Hollywood celebrity, but many think that her appearance is not natural. If we are observing her photos through the years, it is no doubt that her appearance has slightly changed. Some celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites have reported that she has had numerous plastic surgery procedures along the way to reach the stardom. The procedur... »

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery certainly makes us astonished since nobody expects that he is the one who is tempted for surgery. Korean celebrities are often reported to get surgery. High technical plastic surgery in Korea drives people to improve their beauty through this instant way. Even, there are many Korean actresses admitting getting plastic surgery. As we take a look on Korean celebrities,... »

Elisha Cuthbert Plastic Surgery

While this actress is a natural beauty, Elisha Cuthbert is also the recipient of professional help from her plastic surgeon. Elisha Cuthbert plastic surgery rumors are indeed true, based on the photos of the former 24 mainstays before she became a popular Hollywood celebrity. It appears that she had her nose adjusted to make it look smaller and significantly thinner at the bridge. Her lips are als... »

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before & After

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery has shocked many fans; it has been mentioned that she has had numerous surgery to boost her appearance. The procedures are multiple nose jobs (rhinoplasty); Botox, fillers, noninvasive facelift, chemical peels and possibly a boob job as well. »

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before & After

There is no doubt about Michael Jackson plastic surgery. His appearance changed dramatically by the time. The king of pop had done  surgery to raise his appearance although he was actually more handsome as he performed naturally without extreme makeover. He had done surgery for many times. Of course it brings much transformation. To know what parts of his body transformed through surgery you have ... »

Morena Baccarin Plastic Surgery Rumors – Are They True?

Many have their doubts when Morena Baccarin plastic surgery rumors shock Hollywood. The Homeland actress has received critical acclaim not only for her acting but also for her looks, which are nothing short of stunning. This Brazilian-American beauty, however, has been plagued with accusations of having her nose done for a while now and she has yet to confirm whether it’s true or not. »

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

Chelsea Clinton has been in the public eye for many years now due to her father’s presidency. It’s unfortunate that she’s had to be subject to such scrutiny for so long, but, it is the way things are — and, with the way things are, people simply can’t help but comment on the transformation that’s taken place in her looks over the years. A number of experts have offered comment on what proced... »