Did Dana Bash Really Have Plastic Surgery?

Dana Bash Plastic Surgery

No one knows if Dana Bash has had plastic surgery. There are rumors and controversy about whether or not she has. Although she has not made it public or put to rest the rumors it does seem plausible that she has. She is a highly known public figure that has been married and divorced twice it would make logical sense that she would have some self esteem issues and want a boost of confidence in herself. Many women battle with self esteem issues and body issues, they have a sense that beauty is only on the outside. It is a misconception that our society has created that only the beautiful, talented people are worthy of our affections.

Dana Bash is well known for her news anchoring and hosting on television. She is relatively short at four feet eleven inches, but she has a definite knack for showing off her great legs in short close fitting skirts. Over the years of a highly demanding job and two divorces, she has held onto her reputation very well. It does seem that she most likely has had a facelift and filler injection done to ensure her un-flawed facial features and keep her look young and popular.

Dana Bash Cosmetic Surgery

There is speculation that she has had breast implants done as well. Considering her age and having a child it is logical that her gorgeous perky breasts have had some lift or implants. And who’s place is it to judge if she has had plastic surgery or not. If it is what makes her feel secure in herself and happy that is all that should matter.

Dana Bash Before Plastic Surgery

She has made a name and reputation for herself with her hard work and intelligence, if she chooses to enhance her physical appearance then kudos to her. If you look at her photos over the years you do see that she has matured and aged very well. Some women do that naturally and some women take steps to make sure that they age well.

Basically, there will always be differing opinions of plastic surgery and whether it is a good option or not. Everyone has their own opinions that is what free choice and freedom to live is all about. But we as a whole society should be more concerned about self esteem and mental health for the whole person not just what you see. We need to teach our younger generations that they are beautiful people inside and out and that no one should judge another person for their choices.

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