Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before & After

If someone tells you to say a word about Geena Davis, what would you say? Is it gorgeous, sexy, or fabulous? Well, the three of them actually best illustrate the figure of Geena Davis. She is a naturally beautiful lady with numbers of talents. Until her 57 age, she looks energetic and youthful. This fact triggers a rumor of Geena Davis plastic surgery. Moreover, Davis is married to a plastic surgeon. It makes the rumors getting hotter and hotter. Did she really go under the knife? Was it her beauty secret? Well, let’s reveal the fact over here.

As the rumors of Davis plastic surgery getting wilder, many people come forward to tell their opinion. There is a rumor of lip injection comes to the surface. However, the lip injection rumors are apparently hard to believe as Geena Davis has had full and sexy lips before. We have known that hundreds of celebrities take lips filler to have sexy lips. She should be grateful as she was born to have those naturally sexy and full lips. Hence, the rumors of lip injection are nothing more than a rumor. How about the rumors about facelift and Botox injection?

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery

If the lip injection rumors cannot be proven, the facelift and Botox injection seem to be true. At her age 57, it is quite weird not to see any wrinkles on her face. Meanwhile, the other women at her current age are bothered with those wrinkles. Hence, it may proof that Botox has probably been injected into her face. When we compare two photos of her before and after plastic surgery, we can find that something has been done. Well, when you have a husband who works as a plastic surgeon, will you do the same as Geena Davis did?

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  1. Meme - August 21, 2015, 2:56 am Reply

    She can barely speak because of all that plastic surgery. How embarrassing

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