Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After

Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery before and after

Frances Bean Cobain has been reported to have plastic surgery follow her mother’s footsteps Courtney Love.

Frances Bean Cobain, 21, has undergone a cheek implants, lip filler injection and a nose job (rhinoplasty) as well. If we are observing her photos through the years, it is obvious that her facial appearance has a little bit changed.

One of the obvious surgery sign is on her lips, as her lips appear bigger than before. So then, many think that she has undergone a lip injection. In addition to lip injection, it is likely she also has cheek implants, as the indication her cheek look puffier than ever.

Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif says “Frances Cobain seems to have fillers injected to her lips”.

Further, it has been mentioned that she has undergone a nose job (rhinoplasty) too. If we are comparing her old photos and the most recent one, it seems that her nose looks more refined. We cannot help whether it is the result of surgery or just good genes, as she is still young to have such nose enhancement.

Well, Frances Bean Cobain has turned from the sweet face into a more mature one. What do you think? Do you miss her sweet face?

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