Judy Woodruff Plastic Surgery Before & After

Even the most respected and acclaimed broadcast journalists are not immune to intrigue and speculation. Be it their politics, religion, or physical appearance, the public and the media always has something to say. Hushed, if not persistent talks of Judy Woodruff facelift have been circling like vultures around a dead carcass. Woodruff is a world renowned correspondent, author, and speaker who has worked for large news outfits in the country for nearly four decades-most recently with PBS. At 67, she certainly looks great compared to some women half her age, which is probably why some people are wondering if she had any help.

Judy Woodruff Facelift

Judy Woodruff Facelift Before & After

There are not a lot of photos of the veteran correspondent, or at least not as many that would ultimately confirm or disprove the claims of plastic surgery. She has certainly been asked about the subject, albeit not directly about her alleged face lift, and she has been candid about the matter. While she does not condemn or judge those who choose plastic surgery in the name of beauty, she said she feels there is no need for it in her case. She is indeed aging gracefully and in excellent shape as well considering she is pushing 70.

True enough, Woodruff’s wrinkles have started to really deepen, especially around her eyes and mouth. However, clever makeup seems to conceal her lines adequately since she looks remarkable on TV every time she comes on screen. Perhaps, in the near future, she might change her mind and get a face lift, but at this time Judy Woodruff seems to be letting nature take its course. There is nothing wrong with cosmetic enhancements at all, if only people would know when to stop. If she does decide to get a little help from a plastic surgeon someday, it would certainly be a point of interest for her avid fans and supporters.

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  1. Bill - July 30, 2015, 10:13 pm Reply

    She’s been on the air five days a week for more than decade. When exactly would she have had a facelift. please.

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