Leslie Charleson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Leslie Charleson Plastic Surgery

Leslie Charleson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Leslie Charleson has played a very serious role on General Hospital for almost forty years. While we have watched her grow older through the years, and then she has had nipped and tucks to keep her image, however this latest series of plastic surgeries have left her face so tight she can barely smile.

For women like Leslie Charleson who have played characters on General Hospital for many years, this should not be an issue. However, plastic surgery is something they take very seriously. Besides having to have perfect features at nearly seventy years old, this iconic actress was taken off the show and most likely for showing her age. Now it appears as if she had a major facelift and even Botox injections. She doesn’t even look like the same lady that once graced the afternoon scene with daytime drama.

Leslie’s appearance is so shockingly different that most of her old fans would not even recognize her.  It is very sad indeed to have to keep up a youthful appearance when you have earned the right to grow older gracefully.  The before and after photos show a vast difference and her smile look painfully sorrowful.

Growing old gracefully should be the theme of an actress that has been on the screen this many years as the same character. We have had Jeanne Cooper and watched her grow older, and it is just part of the aging process watching a character grow older on a soap opera. The odd thing is, this is used in the storyline as a character ages, they have more money and power and stature and no matter how they look.

And if they are a man they can get the youngest women by their side on a soap opera. This is a very strange phenomena because soap operas are directed toward an audience of women. Shouldn’t women protest this idea if women are the audience? Women are beautiful as they age, and it should be honored not grounds for termination.

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