Katie Holmes Nose Job Before and After

Katie Holmes Nose Job Before and After

Katie Holmes nose job is apparently undeniable. The American actress whose name was rocketing due to her role as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek is claimed to go under the knife to reshape her nose. It sounds more than a rumor as there are plenty of evidences to convince that Katie Holmes nose job is true.

Firstly, let’s judge her by the before and after photos. Katie used to have wide and big nose with rounded tip, which makes her looks like the other usual girl. But try to move your eyes to Katie’s current photos. She looks more great with narrower and thinner nose. Do you believe that she did nothing but applying the proper makeup? Well, makeup is not enough to give you such perfect and nice look of nose. Hence, public claims that Katie Holmes has had nose job.

If you think that photos do not tell you anything, let’s move to the plastic surgeon expert. Being confirmed about Katie Holmes nose job, the plastic surgeon justified the rumors. Holmes seems to have Rhynoplasty (nose job) to make her nose thinner and nicer. It gives her mature and adult look, and her new nose shape fits to her face well.

Katie Holmes Nose Job

The nose job definitely improves her facial look and makes her look like a Midwest girl. Overall, Katie Holmes nose job is undeniable. Though the nose job is a truth, people appreciate her decision as it is not overdone. She totally looks natural and gorgeous. Though she has a new nose, it changes nothing in her face but improves her whole appearance. Katie Holmes probably has taken a good decision to have this nose job. It is well done and there is nothing to complain. Do you think that it is good for her?


  1. Ross Coomber - September 14, 2015, 3:25 am Reply

    I disagree completely that the nose is an improvement – she now looks like she has had ‘work’ done and it isn’t symmetrical.

  2. Kate - September 20, 2015, 7:39 pm Reply

    She was much prettier with her old nose. The new one (and the probable brow lift and jowl reduction) make her new face thin, gaunt, harsh — standard Hollywood plastic face. Gross.

    Katie’s appeal was, literally, the “girl next door” look. And she doesn’t look like that anymore, so now she is just…whatever…a more or less pretty face.

  3. lauren - October 8, 2015, 8:09 pm Reply

    Her nose really isn’t symmetrical. It’s a shame. It’s kinda botched. She did look a little bit ‘puggy’ before but undeniably pretty. She looks nice now, but she would have looked better if she had left her nose alone and maybe lost a bit of weight to slim her face but not as much as she has as I agree-gaunt.

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