Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before & After

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After

Maria Shriver has always been looked upon by the public as a woman who has it all.  Beauty, fame and a member of the wealthy Kennedy clan, Maria is an example of a poised and proper celebrity with substance.  As a famous journalist and world renowned author she has made a name for herself through hard work and determination, when her marriage with famed actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger felt apart due to infidelity, women across the globe sympathized with Maria.

Following her very public divorce, Maria unveiled a new, younger look that stopped her fans in their tracks.  While many people thought she definitely looked years younger and refreshed.  Celebrity websites were abuzz with gossip and rumors and many people simply felt that Maria’s new looks were too good to be true.  Like most celebrities, Maria chooses to stay mum about her new appearance, however many Hollywood doctors chimed in with their opinions.

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery

Although there is no firm consensus among plastic surgeons, a significant number of doctors believe Maria has opted to have a facelift to firm out the skin on her face and jaw-line, reducing and erasing crow’s feet, wrinkles around her mouth and excess skin near her neck and chin.  Other plastic surgeon disagree and argue that Maria’s new look is simply the result of using injectable fillers that firm and plump the skin, giving her the appearance of full cheekbones and a smooth eye area.  Botox has been discussed as a potential cause of the disappearance of Maria’s wrinkles.  With a few injections, Botox can cause wrinkles to virtually disappear.  A small minority of fans and doctors argue that Maria has not opted to use any cosmetic procedure and the changes are simply the result of makeup application and painstaking care to emphasize certain features, while minimizing some others.

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