Nancy Snyderman Facelift Before & After

Nancy Snyderman Facelift

Nancy Snyderman Facelift Before & After

The story about Nancy Snyderman facelift is one that has captured the interest of many people, especially avid fans of the popular TV doctor. Just as people are interested in the personal lives of famous medical practitioners such as Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz (to name a few), they are also quite curious as to whether Dr. Snyderman really did have a facelift and the reasons behind her decision to do so. The 62 year old ENT and Pediatric surgeon has graced TV with her presence and medical opinion since the late 80s, but now she is the center of attention for entirely different reasons.

Based on the recent photos of the TV doctor, it appears that her face has undergone some sort of transformation as her skin looks tighter and her wrinkles or lines much less prominent. It has yet to be determined whether she really did have plastic surgery or any type of cosmetic enhancement procedure for that matter. In the past, she has been asked if she would ever consider getting plastic surgery when she reaches 50 or beyond, and she was adamant in her response that she does not wish to get any kind of work done on her face or any other body part.

Aging gracefully is not always in the cards for TV personalities, even those who do not necessarily appear in movies or weekly TV shows. In the case of Dr. Snyderman, it seems that she is merely interested in keeping her facial features more camera friendly, instead of genuinely trying to defy nature and its whims. Whether or not she underwent face lift surgery, the fact remains that she is among the most trusted physicians on TV and her fan base has never dwindled over the years. She has always had lovely features and a beautiful face and that fact remains to this day.

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