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Christa Miller plastic surgery

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After

There are so many actresses in the world, especially actresses in Hollywood who are issued to have had plastic surgery. Do you still remember some issues about celebrity plastic surgery such as Jessica Lange, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Katy Sagal, Kim Besinger and Kim Delaney? And now she is also rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. Here, this article will explore the hot issue about Christa Miller plastic surgery. The issue about Christa Miller plastic surgery begins to spread in public when her appearance looks so different than before. It is usual when there is an actress looks different, the public often considers that the actress has plastic surgery, including Christa Miller who becomes... »

Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery

Vanessa Marcil Plastic Surgery Before and After

Vanessa Marcil was born the daughter of a self-made millionaire and seemed to have everything going for her. She successfully landed a recurring role in General Hospital in 1992. She joined the cast of Beverly Hills: 90210, a cult classic, as the lovely Gina Kincaid. She briefly married heartthrob Corey Feldman and was the envy of many young girls. Even as successful as she seemed, Vanessa has battled addiction throughout her career and struggled with the devastating effects of drugs on family and relationships. »

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before and After

While Kerry Washington has not publicly confirmed or denied whether she has had plastic surgery, many fans and experts believe that she has. The star of the film For Colored Girls does look subtly different than she did in her earlier roles, such as the sister of Derek in the movie Save the Last Dance. While some fans feel that her surgery makes her look “plastic,” most think that any procedures she has had done have only enhanced her looks. Kerry has always been beautiful, but her new look gives her a more refined look, fit for the A-list actress that she is becoming. It appears that she may have had a very minor nose job, which has refined the tip and narrowed her nose. »

Park Min Young plastic surgery

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Min Young plastic surgery has become a hot subject among fans. It is not a stranger anymore if many actresses perform plastic surgery in order to enhance their appearance. Although sometimes a lot of actress who covered that they had plastic surgery because of pride, but not with this famous Korean actress. Young admits that she had plastic surgery on her face because to enhance her appearance. »

Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery pictures

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Marilyn Monroe, as we all know, is a Hollywood legend. Her life until the days after her death is full of controversy. The controversy of Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery is one of the most controversial rumors of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Her fans prefer not to believe the rumors, but some others try to find the truth. To convince the public of plastic surgery done by Marilyn Monroe, X-ray test was conducted to the skull of this sexy lady. To obey the medical privacy, the result of the test should be kept as a secret until 50 years after her death. »

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