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Did Dana Bash Really Have Plastic Surgery?

No one knows if Dana Bash has had plastic surgery. There are rumors and controversy about whether or not she has. Although she has not made it public or put to rest the rumors it does seem plausible that she has. She is a highly known public figure that has been married and divorced twice it would make logical sense that she would have some self esteem issues and want a boost of confidence in herself. Many women battle with self esteem issues and body issues, they have a sense that beauty is only on the outside. It is a misconception that our society has created that only the beautiful, talented people are worthy of our affections. »

Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kyra Sedgwick has got her youth back after going under the knife. The rumors of Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery seem to be true as Kyra herself admitted that she had undergone surgical procedures. Just like the other celebrities who took plastic surgery, she also went under the knife to improve her beauty. For most women of her age, wrinkles and saggy skin become the most horrible problem. Due to her plastic surgery, Kyra does not have any problem with both wrinkles and saggy skin. Kyra is believed to have some procedures such as breast implants, Botox injections and facelift. »

Mariah Carey Breast Implants

Mariah Carey Boob Job Before & After

Mariah Carey is bodacious and she always has been. The beautiful songbird, who is married to the younger and oh so handsome Nick Cannon, has been rumored to have had several plastic surgeries over the years. The Mottola Years When married to her first husband, Tommy Mottola, in 1993 she appeared to have been fresh faced and untouched by the surgical knife. There does appear to have been some changes made since then that may have included a boob job and other cosmetic surgeries. Her nose has a definite different appearance and Botox has been suspected as well. »

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before & After

You know exactly that Michelle Phan plastic surgery is the most ironic thing. Why? She used to be an advocate of beauty with natural ways. But now, she is caught getting plastic surgery that changes her appearance so much. Certainly, Michelle Phan surgery rumors get people disappointed since as a natural beauty advocate she does something contrary with natural beauty instead. She should not get plastic surgery if she suggests for enhancing beautiful appearance through natural ways. Now, look what she had done that is contradictive with she advocated before. »

Mary Louise Parker Plastic Surgery Before & After

Mary Louise Parker is a celebrity who has crossed her 50s, but remains perform her youthful look. Her fresh and perfect skin invites many people to throw their big questions about the recipe of her long lasting beauty. Some people even claim that Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery is the key of her juvenile appearance. Unfortunately, nobody can prove the rumors of her surgery due to her natural look. Many celebrities make the same mistake by undergoing excessive surgery to enhance their appearance. In fact, the excessive surgery ruins their natural beauty and gives them fake appearance. »

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