Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before and After

Barbara Walters plastic surgery rumor is growing wild nowadays. The daytime TV anchor has recently appeared with a very tight and unnatural looking; in fact she is no longer young. So then, many celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites start to speculate that she has had a deal with the surgery. If we are taking a comparison of her photos through the years, it is undeniable that she appear... »

Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery

Diane Sawyer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Diane Sawyer recently appears with a very youthful and fresh appearance; in fact she is no longer young. Is she blessed with good genes or good doc? That’s what people concerning about. Behind her youthful appearance, many people think that she has had a good deal with plastic surgery to look for eternal youth. If we are taking a look at her current pictures, it is obvious that she appears w... »

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Before and After

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Before and After

Katie Couric stay looks so stunning at her age 56, so then many people wonder what the secret behind her youthful look. If we are taking a look at her recent pictures, it is undeniable that she still looks great. Unlike many other women of her age, Katie doesn’t seem to look old. Her face does appear smooth, tight and free from any aging signs. Does she have plastic surgery or just good genes? Wel... »

Linda Gray Plastic Surgery Before and After

Linda Gray Plastic Surgery Before and After

Linda Gray plastic surgery gives her youthful as well as fresh look. This female celebrity whose name rocketing due to her role as Sue Ellen stays young even in her 70s age. She looks as beautiful as when she was nominated for Emmy Award in few years back. Many people believe that plastic surgery gives her such fabulous look as now. Fortunately, her surgery went successfully as she is capable to m... »

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sharon Stone is perhaps one of the most iconic actresses ever to appear in movies. Apart from her acting prowess, she is also known for her astonishing good looks, as she is regarded as one of America’s most beautiful women. Over the years, people have debated over whether Stone has had cosmetic enhancements that improved her looks. The truth is that Sharon Stone plastic surgery is simply a ... »

Lori Loughlin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lori Loughlin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The rumors surrounding Lori Loughlin’s plastic surgery have in a way, overshadowed her celebrity and public status. She has been a TV staple for over 20 years and miraculously, her looks have hardly changed. Lori, an actress of American descent, has had the best of times on the theater screens in several shows including the Full House hit series, which premiered in the 80s and 90s and the 90210 se... »

Felicity Kendal Plastic Surgery

Did Felicity Kendal Have Plastic Surgery?

Critics and the media have always wondered how British actress Felicity Kendal, now in her 60s, maintains her youthful look. After being skyrocketed to fame following her portrayal of Barbara Good in the acclaimed television series The Good Life, Felicity Kendal has starred in numerous other films and had a fruitful career as a stage actress as well. Her multiple awards include a Best Actress from... »

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before & After

Maria Shriver has always been looked upon by the public as a woman who has it all.  Beauty, fame and a member of the wealthy Kennedy clan, Maria is an example of a poised and proper celebrity with substance.  As a famous journalist and world renowned author she has made a name for herself through hard work and determination, when her marriage with famed actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger felt ... »

Did Dana Bash Really Have Plastic Surgery?

No one knows if Dana Bash has had plastic surgery. There are rumors and controversy about whether or not she has. Although she has not made it public or put to rest the rumors it does seem plausible that she has. She is a highly known public figure that has been married and divorced twice it would make logical sense that she would have some self esteem issues and want a boost of confidence in hers... »

Kyra Sedgwick Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kyra Sedgwick has got her youth back after going under the knife. The rumors of Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery seem to be true as Kyra herself admitted that she had undergone surgical procedures. Just like the other celebrities who took plastic surgery, she also went under the knife to improve her beauty. For most women of her age, wrinkles and saggy skin become the most horrible problem. Due to he... »