Sally Field Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Sally Field plastic surgery has been revealed by the media, and Sally did not hide or even cover about the fact that she had some plastic surgery procedures. Why she had the lists of painful and high cost surgeries is so simple; her goal is to compete with the newcomers in the Hollywood. She confessed that she concerned a lot about how she could compete with young starlet. »

Judy Woodruff Plastic Surgery Before & After

Even the most respected and acclaimed broadcast journalists are not immune to intrigue and speculation. Be it their politics, religion, or physical appearance, the public and the media always has something to say. Hushed, if not persistent talks of Judy Woodruff facelift have been circling like vultures around a dead carcass. Woodruff is a world renowned correspondent, author, and speaker who has ... »

Mary McDonnell Plastic Surgery Before & After

Aging gracefully in Hollywood is the proverbial fairy tale in the sense that it is hardly ever true, especially in the case of celebrities who were considered extremely attractive in their early days. Mary McDonnell, 61, is a world renowned actress thanks to her role as President Laura Roslin in Batlestar Galactica and more recently, Captain Sharon Raydor in Major Crimes (spin off of The Closer). ... »

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before & After

Andie MacDowell is no longer young, but she still has a stunning look at her age 55 years old. We can see how she is blessed with a great appearance, wrinkle-free face and nice boobs. Good genetics or good doctors? »

Katherine Kelly Lang Plastic Surgery Before & After

What makes Katherine Kelly Lang looks so young and fresh at her age? If we ask this question to the public, I believe that most of them will give the same answer, the plastic surgery. Well, the rumors of Katherine Kelly Lang plastic surgery have been thrown to the public for a long time. Rumor has it that she has undergone Botox injections to achieve youthful and fresh look. If you wonder why peop... »

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before & After

Raquel Welch plastic surgery brings a surprising change. We can differentiate between her old photos and new one because plastic surgery that she did bring extreme difference. She gets more than one plastic surgery, so her appearance changes dramatically. Raquel Welch who has been 73 years old still looks amazing in new appearance. Nowadays, she looks fresh and young as if she is in the 30s. Do yo... »

Robin Meade Plastic Surgery – Did She Really Have Surgery?

There is rumor that Robin Meade has had some plastic surgery procedures. Really the public seriously believes that she had to have Botox or breast implants. She is 45 years old and has no wrinkles at all. She is one of the most gorgeous TV news anchors in media today. She actually has been voted as the prettiest news personality. »

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

If someone tells you to say a word about Geena Davis, what would you say? Is it gorgeous, sexy, or fabulous? Well, the three of them actually best illustrate the figure of Geena Davis. She is a naturally beautiful lady with numbers of talents. Until her 57 age, she looks energetic and youthful. This fact triggers a rumor of Geena Davis plastic surgery. Moreover, Davis is married to a plastic surge... »

Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery Before & After

The public considers that Jessica Lange has had plastic surgery. Jessica Lange is now rumored to have had Botox, facelift and brow lift. Botox is used to make her skin smooth and young, whereas facelift is used to tighten the skin in order to make younger. The actress, who is also a former model, is considered doing the plastic surgery to beautify her appearance. In her recent age who is not young... »

Leslie Charleson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Leslie Charleson has played a very serious role on General Hospital for almost forty years. While we have watched her grow older through the years, and then she has had nipped and tucks to keep her image, however this latest series of plastic surgeries have left her face so tight she can barely smile. For women like Leslie Charleson who have played characters on General Hospital for many years, th... »