Did Carol Vorderman Have Plastic Surgery?

For someone who is 53, Carol Vorderman looks like someone who drinks a cup full from the Fountain of Youth every single day. The former Countdown star has been under scrutiny over the last couple of years after her looks started improving ridiculously. She looks great! For people who have seen her over the last 28 years, the thought that Volderman had plastic surgery isn’t that farfetched. It does... »

Olivia Newton-John Plastic Surgery Before & After

Olivia Newton-John has been rumored to have had several plastic surgery procedures to look for eternal youth. It has been mentioned that the surgery procedures are including a facelift, facial fillers (in her cheeks), upper and lower eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), Botox injections, brow lift (forehead lift), lip implants and dermal injections as well. »

Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before & After

Vanna White stays looks so amazing at her age 56, so then many people wonder whether she has had plastic surgery to maintain her youthful look or just good genes. Well, it is undeniable that her current appearance looks amazing, unlike other women of her age, she doesn’t seem to have any kind of aging signs around her face. If we are observing her photos through the years, it is obvious that... »

Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Before & After

Many people speculate that Katey Sagal has had plastic surgery. The speculation appears because Katey Sagal looks to stay young, whereas her age is 59 years old. People think that she has plastic surgery to beautify her appearance, especially in her face. She avoids aging signs by plastic surgery. Perhaps, she used Botox and face-lifts. Because of the surgery, her skin looks smoother and tighter. ... »

Nancy Snyderman Facelift Before & After

The story about Nancy Snyderman facelift is one that has captured the interest of many people, especially avid fans of the popular TV doctor. Just as people are interested in the personal lives of famous medical practitioners such as Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz (to name a few), they are also quite curious as to whether Dr. Snyderman really did have a facelift and the reasons behind her decision to do so. ... »

Richard Chamberlain Plastic Surgery Before & After

For a long time now, there have been rumors that Richard Chamberlain has had plastic surgery. Specifically, many people suspect that he has had a facelift, although his fans debate about how much plastic surgery he has had. Indeed, Richard Chamberlain is currently a man in his eighties, and he does have surprisingly tight skin for a man that age. In 2006, he made an appearance on the cosmetic surg... »