Juliet Huddy Nose Job Before and After

Juliet Huddy Nose Job

Juliet Huddy Nose Job Before and After

While not exactly a celebrity, Fox News corresponded Juliet Huddy is quite visible in the media since it is her bread and butter. Having been a reporter for nearly two decades now, Huddy is no stranger to scandal and intrigue, but this time it is her who is the subject of gossip and rumors. Juliet Huddy nose job has been a hot topic not only among the Fox News crew, but also with her avid viewers. Just as Hollywood actors and actresses elective surgery, reporters as well as newscasters also feel the same amount of pressure, especially those who are on camera on a daily basis.

At 44, she does not look half bad, but since being a TV personality can be stressful, Huddy may have opted to get rhinoplasty and supposedly other procedures in order to make herself look younger and more pleasant for the cameras. Her original nose was unremarkable, but also not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. She had her nose done, which is now too perfect to look natural. Many would say that the point of surgery is to look as near perfect as possible, while others would contend that perfection equals unnatural. In any case, Huddy stands by her choice, albeit without necessarily broadcasting that she did indeed get a nose job.

TV personalities getting cosmetic enhancements are quickly becoming the norm instead of the exception. Male as well as female reporters, newscasters, and correspondents are now a lot more open to the idea of getting plastic surgery to enhance their looks. About 50 years ago, no one in TV broadcasting would even consider dyeing their hair, but now Botox injections, fillers, and facelift are treated and viewed in the same way as daily vitamins and supplements. The world is certainly changing, and so are the people that tell stories about it. Juliet Huddy is just one of the thousands of TV names who are using modern medicine to their full advantage.

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  1. John higgins - February 28, 2016, 12:13 pm Reply

    Juliet’s voice is greatly improved, she had a bad nasal tone and now her voice does not sound like she is holding her nose. She did the right thing!

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